Final TFT Set 7 PBE patch for Dragonlands launch packs big buffs and nerfs

Big changes for everything prior to the release of Set Seven.

Image via Riot Games

Testing for Teamfight Tactics Set Seven has come to an end with a final PBE patch containing significant buffs and nerfs to the release day Dragonlands meta. 

Over 20 Set Seven champion buffs and nerfs were applied to the final PBE patch that will determine the Dragonlands launch meta. The TFT team also shipped nerfs to a large number of Ornn Artifacts, balance changes to popular items like Dragon’s Claw and Giant Slayer, along with over a dozen nerfs and buffs to Draconic Augments. 

More changes are already in the works for TFT Set Seven Patch 12.12, according to game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer, and no B-patch is slated to take place at this time. 

Ezreal was hit with two balance lever changes, in addition to a bug fix that now requires the Set Seven champion to attack once between casts even when gaining enough mana to immediately cast again. Kayn was buffed, along with the Ragewing trait, improving him as an Assassin carry. 

Corki took a hit to his Big One base damage. Aurelion Sol had their spell damage nerfed significantly while Ao Shin received minor nerfs. Both Shyvana and Pyke had their damage buffed, although Pyke had his secondary damage slightly reduced at one and two-star. And Yasuo was hit with nerfs at one and two-star to his spell attack damage percentage. 

The Mirage trait had another rework to Pirate’s Gold, slightly adjusting the gold table. Nomsy was hit with health nerf for the Trainer trait. Giant Slayer had its base damage and giant damage buffed while the heal on Dragon’s Claw was reduced. The Astral trait emblem was removed, along with the Revel Crest, Whisper Crest, Urg’s Grab Bag two, and First Aid Kit three. And the Dragon Alliance Augment had its armor and magic resistance reduced by half. 

The balance changes released in today’s final TFT Set Seven PBE patch are for Dragonlands launch. Adjustments have occurred over the last two weeks since the seventh set was released on PBE servers, showcasing a number of big changes, reverts, and the removal of problematic items and Draconic Augments. 

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