Best TFT Set 4 Chosen champions: Items, odds, and cost

Get the most out of Chosen champions.

Teamfight Tactics Set 4 Fates Items
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Playing the strongest board in Teamfight Tactics translates to building around the best-Chosen champion at various stages of the game. 

Set Four Fates introduced the Chosen mechanic, making it harder for players to force comps at every stage of TFT. Whether players are a fan of the new mechanic, or not, knowing what Chosen champions to play with at various stages of the game can mean the difference between top-four and bottom-four. 

Chosen odds and bonuses

To fully understand playing around the Chosen mechanic, it’s essential to know what bonuses each TFT champion receives as a Chosen and what the odds of rolling them are at various stages of the game. 

Here are the TFT Chosen percentage odds based on level:

One100 percent0000
Two100 percent0000
Three100 percent0000
Four60 percent40 percent000
Five40 percent55 percentfive percent00
Six15 percent45 percent40 percent00
Seven0 40 percent55 percentfive percent0
Eight0 15 percent45 percent40 percent0
Nine0015 percent45 percent40 percent

Here are the bonus stats for each TFT Chosen champion:

Health (plus 400)Spell Power (Plus 30 percent)Attack Damage (Plus 20)Reduced Mana cost (25 percent)
Jarvan IVKatarinaXin ZhaoJinx
Lee SinKennenZedLulu
Tahm KenchRivenYuumi
YoneTwisted Fate

One-cost TFT Chosen

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Depending on the TFT champion, a one-cost Chosen can carry the entire game if slow-rolled for three-star. Most one-cost Chosen’s are short-term units that fit into playing your strongest board and should be sold to upgrade for a better-Chosen champion. Players should pick the first or second one-cost Chosen they see in the shop unless purposely trying to lose-streak for carousel priority. 


Vayne is the strongest one-cost re-roll Sharpshooter Chosen champions. Vayne Dusk is not. It’s imperative to three-star Vayne while equipping her with Guinsoo’s Rageblade to increase her speed. Locket of the Iron Solari is another ideal item, especially when she is a three-star. 


Garen is one of the best one-cost TFT Chosen champions, Whether Vanguard or Warlord, during the early stages of a match. Slow-roll Warlord comps can fast nine but fall off during the late-game stages. Garen is improved with a variety of tank items such as Bramble Vest, Dragon’s Claw, and Zz’Rot Portal. Position Garen as a solo frontline to get the most out of his spinning Judgment spell.


Duelist re-entered the TFT meta with patch 10.25 as a solid comp to play, utilizing a Chosen Duelist Yasuo three-star. Running a Chosen Yasuo can go the distance with a strong Duelist build that contains multiple three-star champions. Ideal Yasuo items include Quicksilver Slash, Guardian Angel, and Hand of Justice. 

Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate Cultist or Mage Chosen is strong during the early game, able to hold just about any type of item for the main carry later on. Once acquiring a carry for the best TFT comp, be sure to sell Twisted Fate and transfer the items over. Try not to keep him past level seven as his power levels fall off dramatically against other four-cost champions. 

Two-cost TFT Chosen

Teamfight Tactics Hecarim
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Pre-leveling into Stage two to acquire a two-cost Chosen is a viable option when lacking pairs from Stage one. Several two-cost champs are viable throughout the mid game but should be sold for a better four-cost champion at level eight.


Hecarim is a powerful and tanky early Chosen that is difficult to kill throughout the early and mid-game stages. Elderwood is a solid trait when paired with Lulu and Veigar, while Vanguard slots in nicely to protect a backline build like Sharpshooter. Ideal items are Zz’Rot Portal, Bramble Vest, and Dragon’s Claw. 


Annie Mage or Fortune is a solid early game choice. Utilizing Fortune assists players in going fast nine while Annie Mage Chosen is preferred within the TFT Veigar/six Mage build as a tanky frontline unit. Ideal items for Annie as a frontline unit are Zz’Rot Portal, Bramble Vest, and  Hextech Gunblade. 


Teemo Sharpshooter is strong and can carry a player’s team into the late-game stages with minimal losses. Ideal items on Teemo include Chalice of Power (two if possible), Zeke’s Herald, and Blue Buff. 


Pyke is a versatile Chosen who can help players win-streak throughout the early game stages. He also holds any number of items well, despite not being a carry himself. 


Janna is an underrated two-cost Chosen who can outperform other Chosen champions when slotted into a strong board. She only requires a Blue Buff to pop off, slinging shields onto units while helping players win-streak into the later stages of the game. 

Three-cost TFT Chosen 

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Aggressive early game strategies have reduced the number of three-cost Chosen champions getting played. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t viable or strong when picked up during the mid-game stage. 


The Hunter trait is getting removed within Set 4.5 but Kindred will remain. Within Set Four, either Hunter of Spirit Chosen Kindred is worth picking up and can be used as a carry into the late-game. Yone is the ideal champion to transfer her items too, as she ideally utilizes Blue Buff and Hextech Gunblade. 


Patch 10.25 brought about many players forcing Mage and Sharpshooter comps during the early and mid-game stages. Akali is the ideal Chosen champion to dismantle those TFT builds and while helping players win-streak with less powerful team synergies. Optimal items on Akali are Blue Buff, Rapid Firecannon, and Quicksilver. 


If running an early three Warlord and seeking a strong Chosen, Katarina kick off a win-streak that will last into the late-game stages. The only downside to Katarina is that she’s picky about items. For her to pop off properly, items such as Hextech Gunblade and Quicksilver Slash are necessary.  


Kennen is often overlooked but slots ideally into a build with another Keeper on the battlefield. The Keeper falls off during the late game, but can easily win-streak to level eight. Ideal items on Kennen are Morellonomicon, and Chalice of Power.

Four-cost TFT Chosen

Teamfight Tactics Riven
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Four-cost Chosen champions are highly sought after, even after the system change which eliminated the Stage 4-1 rolldown. Unless leveling to nine is an option, a Four-cost Chosen will likely be a player’s final Chosen in which a team is built around.


Six Dusk remains one of the best TFT comps to build, and a Chosen Dusk Riven within a six Dusk build will likely land a player within the top-two. Since patch 10.25, beefy Elderwood tanks are prevalent, leading to Ionic Spark being a key item on Riven. Other ideal items include Guardian Angel, Bramble Vest, and Dragon’s Claw. 


Talon comps are no longer a top-tier build but a Chosen Morgana is still a strong addition to any comp when seeking a four-cost Chosen. Morellonomicon is a must-have item on her, along with a Blue Buff or Rabadon’s Deathcap.  


The Adept and Mystic traits are important synergies to have when entering the late-game stages. A Chosen Shen with either trait not only fills those synergy gaps but is also powerful as a tank. Shen’s Shadow Dash spell tears through weaker opponents while his shield keeps him alive. Equipping Shen isn’t necessary, but Bramble Vest and Zz’Rot Portal are the best tank items to use. 


Elderwood/Brawler Ashe isn’t a TFT build most players are forcing. But a Chosen Ashe can still win games. Be sure to add at least two other Elderwood units for synergy purposes and protect her with tanky champions. Ideal damage items on Ashe are Infinity Edge and Giant Slayer. Depending on other TFT comps in the lobby, her third item should be either a Guardian Angel or Quicksilver Slash. 


Jhin is one of the strongest four-cost Chosen champions to pick up. Sharpshooter is preferred but Cultist will also work. Even without Sharpshooter synergy, Jhin blasts through opponents utilizing items like Infinity Edge, Giant Slayer, and Last Whisper. Depending on the comp Jhin is added to, equipping him with Guardian Angel is also a good idea.


Often overlooked as a strong Chosen Champion, Cassiopeia Dusk is ideal while Mystic will work if there is at least one other Dusk champion on the battlefield. Able to stun enemies with her Petrifying Gaze, Cassiopeia can buy a team valuable seconds to earn a late-game stage win. Ideal items on her are Morellonomicon and Chalice of Power. If placing Cassiopeia on the frontline, a Zz’rot Portal is a solid choice as well. 


Warwick has suffered numerous nerfs in Set Four Fates but remains a viable and strong four-cost Chosen. He slots into Hunter and Divine comps, and can even work as an additional Brawler. Quicksilver Slash is a must-have item on Warwick, or he’ll likely keep getting stunned and never do any damage. Other viable items on Warwick are Hand of Justice, Deathblade, and Runaan’s Hurricane. 

Five-cost TFT Chosen

Teamfight Tactics Yone
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Trading out most Chosen champions at level nine for a five-cost Chosen can end up being the additional edge needed to place first in a lobby. While all five-cost Chosen Legendaries are strong, a few stand out from the pack. 


Yone is the best Legendary Chosen to pick up, followed by Zilean. A two-star Yone will tear through an opponent’s team, and as a Chosen, he’s even stronger. Ideal items to place on Yone are Blue Buff and Hextech Gunblade. Defensive items also work on him if paired with a Guardian Angel. 


Able to stun multiple units with his wall of soldiers spell, Azir as a Chosen can inflict massive amounts of damage as well. Ideal items on him are Guinsoo’s Rageblade and Blue Buff to activate his ultimate multiple times. Luden’s Echo and Spear of Shojin can also work on the Keeper Legendary. 


A Chosen Ezreal can improve any TFT build, but only if he’s equipped with the ideal items. Blue Buff or a Mage spatula (when running three Mage) are the two most ideal items. Chalice of Power and Zeke’s Herald are also recommended. 


Similar to Ezreal, Zilean is the ideal Chosen if running at least two other Mages. A Mage spatula will increase the number of champions he brings back to life, along with a Chalice of Power to increase other champions’ HP. Other mana items like Blue Buff or Spear of Shojin will also work with Zilean.