Best TFT Kled player Delicious Milk advances to Worlds finals

"Me Kled" strategy pays off for Delicious Milk

Kled TFT Set 5.5
Image via Riot Games

Representing North America during the first of two group stages at the Teamfight Tactics Reckoning World Championship, Delicious Milk advanced to the finals by hard forcing Hellion re-rolls on every game. 

Heading into the Lobby A group stage at TFT Worlds today, Delicious Milk pulled a Babe Ruth move by proclaiming he would only play Kled re-roll. And the strategy paid off for the NA tactician, earning him a tie with Shircane at the top of the leaderboard after five games. Finishing with 21842 for the day, Delicious Milk will advance to the TFT Reckoning World Championship finals on Oct. 4. 

Running “Me Kled” for all five games was a risk that paid off for Delicious Milk. But there were several moments when the strategy seemed like it would fail. The lobby was onto Delicious Milk by game three, with multiple players utilizing Kled and holding the Set 5.5 champion on their bench. Unable to put the comp together until the eleventh hour, Delicious Milk took an eighth-place finish. 

Game four was looking like another eighth until the Divine Blessing stimulus saved Delicious Milk, providing enough gold for him to roll down for his three-star units. And in game five, he dropped down to three HP before stabilizing, going on a win-streak for the remainder of the game before barely getting beat out by Shircane and his Akshan four Ranger Legendary board. 

Running Kled re-roll is a risk that produces high rewards when piloted properly. Delicious Milk lived up to his reputation as the best Kled re-roll player in the world today by hard forcing the comp every game for a spot at the TFT Worlds finals.