Best Teamfight Tactics overlays

Elevate your gameplay with this simple trick.

Teamfight Tactics Fates Set 4
Image via Riot Games

Every competitive player looks for small advantages to increase their chances of winning. Teamfight Tactics doesn’t have many ways to generate advantages, but a significant one that can make your games smoother is an overlay, which clearly displays all the information you need to know.

The best TFT overlays can be found either on the Overwolf client or on While Blitz has a simple overlay, Overwolf has multiple available from which you can choose. offers access to everyone’s TFT profiles including an in-game overlay which shows team compositions, drop rates, and easy-to-read item overlays. Overwolf has a couple of notable overlays which are quite popular among all TFT players: TFTactics, LolCHESS.GG, and Lolwiz,

TFTactics is arguably the best overlay available, having a non-intrusive cheat item sheet at the bottom of the screen, a database with top team compositions and aims to provide dynamic information based on each match in the upcoming weeks. If TFTactics is not keen to your style, however, you can use either LolCHESS.GG or Lolwiz, which provide pretty much the same information in different formats.

Now you are ready to dominate your TFT games with these overlays.