Best team comps for kicking off Teamfight Tactics Set 3: Galaxies

Start off Patch 10.6 strong.

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Today’s space-themed Teamfight Tactics Patch 10.6 introduced a set to the Convergence, complete with all new units, classes, and origins. While all the options might be overwhelming, one fan can help.

TFT player Wrainbash compiled several top-tier team compositions used by Challenger players from around the world. The spreadsheet outlines everything from optimal synergies, which units will be your carries, and even how to itemize them. And with positioning being key in any autobattler, fans get an inside scoop on that as well.

Here are three great team comps to get you started in Galaxies.

Blastin’ Brawlers

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Former League of Legends pro LeDuck put together an excellent Blasters team comp that has tons of damage, crowd control, and frontline.

Your carries with this squad will be Miss Fortune and Jinx, who can deal devastating damage with the Blaster bonus. Put a Giantslayer, Guardian’s Angel, and a Last Whisper on the Loose Cannon and she can destroy tanks and squishies in a heartbeat. Hr passive will give her tons of extra attack speed for each takedown, too.

MF can destroy grouped up enemies with her ultimate, especially when equipped with a Rabadon’s Deathcap and Seraph’s Embrace. You can throw a defensive item on Miss Fortune as well, such as Quicksilver, to keep her safe.

Placing Blitzcrank in the back will pull any carries or snipers straight into your backline. This will also help Jinx use her passive quicker. And to slow down the enemy tanks and melee units, using Cho’Gath and Vi will keep them busy enough for your carries to get their ultimate.

Mech Infiltrators

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This is probably one of the most fun team comps you can run while still having a successful bout on the Convergence.

Former League pro Sologesang suggests suiting up Rumble with defensive items, like Warmog’s Armor and Quicksilver, to give the Super-Mech as much longevity as possible. Throwing an Ionic Spark on the Yordle will also help make up for losing out on potential DPS by combining three units into one.

While the Super-Mech soaks up the damage in the frontline, Infiltrators will take out the carries in the backline. Giving Kai’Sa items like Morellonomicon, Rabadon’s, and Seraph’s will make her Missile Rain pack a punch, reduce healing, and happen more often. And placing crit items on Shaco, like Infinity Edge and Rapid Firecannon, will allow the jester to wipe out carries quickly.

Ekko’s unique Chronobreak ability will also freeze up enemies while dealing on-hit damage to the backline.

All eggs in the Kayle basket

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Kayle is an extremely powerful unit that doesn’t need much to pop off. So it’d make sense to build an entire team comp around her.

Former League player Tabzz devised a comp to keep Kayle safe and allow her to deal as much damage as possible. Instead of investing time into a deep six-unit trait, this comp focuses on uniting six traits in perfect harmony. Kayle’s Valkyrie trait is left behind, only focusing on the Blademaster bonus that gives her a chance to attack extra times. Placing Morello’s and Guinsoo’s will make her cut healing and attack faster, and Guardian’s Angel can give her extra longevity in case she gets focused.

To help Kayle attack even faster, Tabzz suggests putting together four Chrono units: Ezreal, Wukong, Shen, and Blitz. This bonus will apply to all of your allies, buffing Kayle tenfold. Your frontline is there to merely stay alive as long as possible, soak damage, and even CC the enemies a bit. This will help Kayle decimate units from the backline.

With Set Three kicking off today, the meta is likely to shift often as patches and updates roll through. But starting your Galaxies season off with these comps will surely give you an edge.