All Little Legends in the 2022 TFT Lunar New Year event

Celebrate with new Little Legend skins and Tacticians.

The Lunar Legend Festival is returning to Teamfight Tactics for another party, showcasing new Tactician skins, a Chibi Firecracker Jinx, and a Year of the Tiger Protector Little Legend.

The festivities begin on Jan. 20 with the release of TFT Patch 12.2 and will run until the launch of Patch 12.3. A total of five Tacticians are featured in the Golden Lantern event, available via direct purchase, cracking Year of the Tiger eggs, completing missions, or through purchasable bundles. The Year of the Tiger Protector is the highlight of the Lunar New Year event, along with Chibi Firecracker Jinx, Dowsie, Dango, and Duckbill. 

Here’s every TFT Little Legend and Tactician available during the Lunar Legend Festival event.


Dowsie is available within Festival Firecracker eggs and via direct purchase for 925 RP. There are a total of five Dowsie skins: Porcelain, Fortune, Lucky Noodle, Extra Spicy, and Sweet Petal. 


Players can unlock a TFT Duckbill Little Legend through Festival Firecracker eggs or by purchasing them directly for 925 RP. Duckbill has a total of five skins: Jade Dragon, Most Festive, Lunar Scholar, Firecracker, and Mischief Maker. 


Similar to Dowsie and Duckbill, Dango is available as a direct purchase for 925 RP and can appear within a cracked Festival Firecracker egg. There are a total of five Dango skins: Porcelain, Lucky Lantern, Firecracker, Lion Dancer, and Fiercest. 

Year of the Tiger Protector

Year of the Tiger Protector is only available as a rare drop within Year of the Tiger eggs, found exclusively within TFT Golden Lantern bundles.

Chibi Firecracker Jinx

Image via Riot Games

Players can find Chibi Firecracker Jinx as a rare drop from any Festival Firecracker egg. She can also drop as a free gift from participating in the TFT Golden Lantern event.

All images via Riot Games.