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Shodan, the evil AI from System Shock looking all spooky and mean
Image via Nightdive Studios

Best System Shock remake mods, listed

Make the most out of System Shock with these mods

The System Shock remake may have been released in 2023, but an upcoming rerelease on previous and current PlayStation and Xbox consoles has brought the game back into the spotlight.

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If you find yourself playing System Shock on PC before it comes to consoles, then you’ll want to try all the player-created mods to enhance your experience. All these mods can be found on Nexus Mods, so check out the System Shock main page if you want to see everything modders on the site have created.

Top 10 best System Shock remake mods

1) Advanced Stackable Items by Errore404

An image of a System Shock remake mod
Saving that space. Image via Nightdive Studios and Errore404 on Nexus Mods.

This first mod helps with limited inventory space. The mod changes how stackable items behave, altering the stock management of certain items. This only applies to certain items like junk, patches used for boosting and healing, ammo, batteries, and scrap. The maximum limit for a stackable group of these items changes to 999 when this mod is active, making inventory management so much easier. 

2) Skip Intro Screens by erico9871

Unskippable cutscenes are the bane of many a gamer’s existence. The System Shock remake is guilty of implementing this annoying feature, with three introductory splash scenes that can’t be skipped. 

This mod can help you out with this problem though, as it will skip these three scenes for you and jump you straight to the main menu. 

3) Empty Enemies by sverXRazzum 

Next up is a simple yet effective mod that will help you when it comes to looting in the System Shock remake. Looting is a huge feature of many games, and System Shock is no exception. Instead of having to stop at every body along the way to loot, this mod automatically removes random loot and adds it straight to your inventory. 

This mod doesn’t work with all loot though, only removing random resources that are not unique. It also targets enemy loot tables along with human corpses. 

4) More Cargo Lift Slots by fabricator 

An image of a System Shock remake mod
Cargo for days. Image via Nightdive Studios and fabricator on Nexus Mods.

The Cargo Lift is a great way to store items you aren’t necessarily going to need immediately in the System Shock remake. However, as with the inventory storage on your person, the Cargo Lift is limited. 

If you are looking to expand the amount of space you have in the Cargo Lift, this mod will increase the number of slots available to you there. To make your inventory all the more manageable, this is the mod for you. 

5) Item Grid Size by fabricator 

Next is another mod from Nexus Mods user fabricator, and it’s another that will help you manage your inventory. 

Your inventory is made up of slots that have different sizes, so certain items will need to fit into the right size grid slot. This can be annoying, but this mod will make the situation more manageable as it alters the grid size of all items to 1×1. This will also allow you to store more in your inventory at a time. 

6) Weapons Grid Size by fabricator 

An image of a System Shock remake mod
Making inventory management easier than ever. Image via Nightdive Studios and fabricator on Nexus Mods.

As well as inventory size slots, there are also slots with different sizes for weapons in your inventory. This mod is very similar to the aforementioned item grid size mod, as it does the same thing but applies to weapons instead of items. The mod also affects damaged weapons and can work alongside the item grid size mod. 

7) New Game Plus by RXZrO

New Game Plus isn’t a feature included in the System Shock remake, but this mod creates one so you can begin the game again with all of your weapons and abilities intact. 

With this mod, you’ll also get to keep all the upgrades for your weapons and any additional items you collected in your previous run. 

8) Larger Font by erico9871 

An image of a System Shock remake mod
A must for those who find themselves constantly squinting at the screen. Image via Nightdive Studios and erico9871 on Nexus Mods.

This might seem like an odd choice for one of the best mods, but as someone who sometimes struggles to see everything on the screen, it deserves a mention thanks to how helpful it can.

The mod increases all fonts by four points, which might seem like a small amount, but it can make all the difference to those with sight issues. Along with this, the mod also includes an optional tweak for the HUD. 

9) More Recycler Slots by maskedmurderer 

The Recycler is an item in System Shock that allows players to turn any items they don’t want into Nanites, a type of currency. As with the Cargo Lift and your inventory, there is a certain amount of storage space only letting you recycle a set amount of items at a time. 

This mod changes this by increasing the storage space of the Recycler to 30. This not only allows you to recycle more items at a time, but it also lets you recycle larger items in one go as well. 

10) Sensaround Energy Regen by maskedmurderer

Last but not least is a mod that allows you to regenerate energy with ease, which can make a huge difference to your time with the System Shock remake. 

You’ll need to keep your energy maintained in System Shock, as it will allow you to use specific implants and weapons. There are ways that you can regenerate your energy in the game, like consumables or Power Stations, but this mod will make your energy bar recharge when you are wearing the Sensaround Multi-View Unit. 

By using the unit, you will start regenerating your energy. For those looking for ways to quickly and easily recharge your energy, this mod is the way to go. 

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