YouTube launches beta testing for ‘Subs Only’ chat

It is available to select creators.

Image via YouTube

As YouTube continues to develop its streaming platform, it has introduced the much-anticipated feature of sub-only chat.

Eligible channels can now put their chat into sub-only mode ,which means that only messages from subscribers can be posted. The feature on YouTube has also added some extra options for the creator to optimize their chat, such as allowing them to choose how long a user has had to have been subscribed before they can use the post.

Activating this new feature is simple and can be done from the live control room tab. From your live stream click edit, then live chat, and then under who can send message, change it to subscribers.

In the responses to this new feature, Ryan “Fwiz” White, who runs the gaming side of YouTube, teased some extra features to come in the future, one of which was raiding. Raiding is a feature on Twitch where users can finish their stream by forwarding their views onto another streamer. This process gives the target of the raid an indication of who sent the viewers and how many people there are.

Right now, the sub-only feature is only available to a small number of creators. The company plans to roll out this feature to all users soon.