XQc’s heart rate spikes during robbery attempt on NoPixel GTA V RP server

The pressure got to him.

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/xQcOW

Since returning to GTA V RP server NoPixel 3.0, popular streamer xQc has been stepping it up with his roleplaying on the server.

During a recent event, things got too real for the streamer as his heart rate spiked while attempting to rob the server’s bank.

The streamer attempted to rob the building on his own and was forced to contend with not only players he had taken hostage but also police presence outside.

With a heart rate tracker viewer on steam, viewers could see how xQc was reacting to the pressure despite the lack of a webcam.

When xQc was close to opening the vault his heart rate reached 175, a number that well exceeded his resting heart rate through most of his stream.

Ultimately, the pressure was too much for xQc who failed to solve the puzzles, unable to enter the vault despite all his attempts.

After failing to secure the vault’s contents, xQc released his hostage and managed to escape the police on his dirt bike.

Following his successful escape, xQc took a moment to reflect on the situation and shared what it felt like to attempt the robbery alone.

“Too stressed out, my heart was going so fast I couldn’t think,” xQc said. “The blood was rushing out of my head, my vision was fucking blacking out dude. I’m not kidding my actual peripheral vision was blacking out dude.”

“Oh my god, I’ve never been this stressed before.”

With this failed attempt, xQc will have learned some valuable lessons before taking his next crack at the safe.