XQc unbanned on Twitch after 3 days

XQc is back, with at least 90 percent less nudity.

xQc kills off NoPixel RP character
Photo via Blizzard Entertainment

After three days of being banned on the platform for a second time, xQc is back and plans to pick right back up where he left off before Twitch dropped the ban hammer. 

His ban lasted just over three days, with clarification from Twitch about the situation coming on March 1, but now that the temporary suspension is up, the popular variety streamer can return to raging in front of thousands of viewers. 

The entire situation stemmed from xQc playing Strip 4: Classmate Study online and the profile image of his opponent being shown as a fully nude woman on stream. Obviously, nudity of any kind breaks Twitch’s Terms of Service and will result in some kind of punishment for the broadcaster. 

His channel was hit with a strike on Feb. 29, which xQc revealed a day later on Twitter, showing that he was going to be banned for three days (including Feb. 29,) with a channel strike remaining on his account.

“Temporary suspensions range from one to 30 days,” Twitch’s moderation and safety forums note. “If your account is suspended, you may not access or use Twitch services, including watching streams, broadcasting, and chatting. After the suspension is complete, you will be able to use our services once again. We keep a record of past violations, and multiple suspensions over time can lead to an indefinite suspension.”

XQc agreed that the ban was a result of his own actions and that he would accept the three-day suspension without doing more than appealing the strike. 

“I wanted to update everyone yesterday but it was unclear and I wanted to appeal and have a chance to explain myself,” xQc said. “I did but it didn’t matter, we’re tanking the whole thing. Things are a little different than I expected but ultimately it was my fault. We’ll roll when we’re back.”

His first ban, which only lasted for a few minutes on July 21, 2019 was also due to showing partial nudity on stream. Though it was not for playing a game that blatantly hinted that it might break ToS like Strip 4

Since the streamer was banned, Strip 4 is currently unavailable on Steam since it was being bought by xQc’s viewers with comments about it being “a great game to stream,” popping up frequently in the reviews. The developers clearly knew what was happening, as before the game was taken down they put it on sale for $1.39 instead of the usual $2 price point. 

Screengrab via Steam

XQc had more than 30,000 viewers on his channel several times on Feb. 29, this likely means a similar number will come out to watch his return stream on March 4. His average viewership for the last three months has hovered around 20,000, so that number might actually increase depending on how he markets his return.