XQc stops PO box openings after viewers sends him syringes and needles

Not cool.

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/xQcOW

Opening up random gifts from viewers adds a bit of unscripted fun to a streamer’s channel, but xQc yesterday learned first-hand the pitfalls of trusting people who send packages to a PO box.

Just less than an hour into opening packages from viewers, xQc grabbed a ziploc bag out of a shipping pouch that clearly had syringes and needles to go with them, and he immediately became paranoid.

Stopping everything that he was doing, he walked to the door of his room, dropped the package, and went to wash his hands. Upon returning he expressed concerns with doing any more unboxing.

“They’re real syringes, dude,” he said. “That’s fucking scary. Don’t do shit like that. I know I sound like a pussy, but that’s fucking ruined.”

While xQc powered through the rest of his unboxing segment that lasted about 20-30 mins, he posted on Twitter after his stream to say that he doesn’t plan on doing the segment again for a while. 

“I’m putting the PO BOX/openings on hold for an undetermined amount of time,” he said. “You guys are crazy supportive and sent an insane amount of things while it was open tyvm. I’ll let everyone know when we’ll do openings again.”

In a reply to his post, he added a photo of the needles and syringes to confirm to skeptics that he was indeed sent the items. 

“I don’t know why people don’t believe it was actual syringes, don’t know why i’m even posting proof either but here it is I guess,” he said. “Packaging was also made to be deceiving deliberately for me to open it.”

XQc has done a PO box opening stream before, but he doesn’t have nearly the same experience as some other content creators like Sodapoppin or YouTuber iDubbbz. Other streams who do these sorts of unboxings will vet many of the things that are sent to them before opening them on stream. 

As xQc noted in his Tweet, the packaging for this particular “gift” looked fairly innocuous, making it difficult for him to tell if it might have something suspicious inside.