xQc shows off new stream intro made by animator HeydoubleU

It is full of memes from his stream.

Screengrab via twitch.com/xqcow

Animator HeydoubleU has once again made an impressive animation based on popular streamer xQc’s channel, but this time, he finally got his chance to work for the streamer.

During his most recent stream, XQC gave his viewers a sneak peek of a new stream introduction HeydoubleU was in the process of making for him.

The quality of animation in the clip is exceptional and it is full of Easter eggs from XQC’s stream and Twitch culture in general.

HeydoubleU was brought to xQc’s attention after he submitted an animation he had made called “Big Schnozer” to the streamer’s subreddit. In this post, he offered his services to xQc, but upon seeing this animation, the streamer was dismissive of the animator. While it may have been a joke, his criticisms inspired HeydoubleU to make another animation.

That animation was “When your favorite streamer sees your post,” detailing his experience as the creator of “Big Schnozer”. After this video gained traction, he followed it up months later with a sequel titled “Spending time without your favorite streamer.”