XQc shows off muscles to prove he could take on Camp Knut

Could he be making a workout appearance?

Screengrab via xQc on Twitch

Twitch’s most-watched content creator might not be taking part in the 30-day Camp Knut fitness journey, but xQc spent a little bit of time on stream trying to show fans last night that abstaining from the camp has nothing to do with his physical capabilities.

Playing the popular 2004 gym hype song “Can’t Be Touched” by Roy Jones Jr., xQc stepped away from his desk while streaming and pulled up his sweatpants to show off all of the muscle—or lack thereof—in his quads and hamstrings.

Embracing the meme, he stretched before doing some bodyweight squats followed by some jumping jacks. The attempts at showing off came while he was checking out the Livestream Fails subreddit where he saw a clip of Knut showing off his lower body strength at a Camp Knut workout. Throwing 360lbs worth of plates on a 45-degree squat machine, Knut busted out more than a handful of repetitions until he couldn’t go any longer.

This isn’t the first time fans have had a chance to see the vast disparity between Knut and xQc’s legs, last year, Knut did a side-by-side of his legs with those of the Canadian former Overwatch pro. As one might expect, the Norwegian bodybuilder had quite the advantage.

Though xQc isn’t participating in Camp Knut, he later toyed around with his viewers telling him that he was caught on camera at his gym before showing everyone a clip of an extremely muscular person using a lat pulldown machine. Pulling down all of the weight that the machine could hold, the person in the clip started moving the machine because it wasn’t bolted to the floor.

There are numerous popular Texas-based streamers taking on the challenges of Camp Knut, including Mizkif and Nick Polom, but xQc was among those to notably not join in on the fun. According to Polom, xQc and Sodapoppin would have likely been able to make it through if they committed.

With Camp Knut in its second week, there are still likely opportunities for xQc to make an appearance if he truly wanted, but so far, there’s no indication that his efforts at teasing fans will result in a payoff.