XQc shares his thoughts on the latest PogChamp emote

"That's not PogChamp dude."

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/xQcOW

PogChamp has been an emote commonly used on Twitch for many years to express surprise or excitement during a stream. Since the initial appearance of the emote was removed from the platform, it has since been replaced with a rotating lineup of faces changing every 24 hours.

While some of these faces have worked well by capturing exactly what the emote stands for, its most recent iteration on Jan. 10 received some criticism from users and streamers alike.

During a recent stream, popular Twitch streamer xQc detailed what he thought of the emote, offering some suggestions on why he believes it does not work.

“It needs a face right side, then the energy of the emote needs to be all on the Pog factor,” xQc said. “This guy is looking elsewhere.”

“This screams uncertainty is this Pog? The whole energy has to be HOLY SHIT, THIS HAPPENED! not wait did it happen or did it not?”

The emote currently is the face of popular Pokemon Go streamer Reversal. But since the introduction of the rotation on Jan. 8 it has also adopted the appearance of UnRoolie of YoVideoGames and Twitch ambassador UmiNoKaiju

Fortunately for the critics, the emote will once again rotate tomorrow, bringing a new face to suit the essence of what the PogChamp emote stands for.