XQc says the police officers on the GTA V RP NoPixel server log in just to ruin his nefarious plans

The content creator suggested that police officers who just logged in shouldn't join an active situation.

Screengrab via xQc

The battle between famous Twitch streamer xQc and the police officers on the NoPixel GTA V RP server has been going on for months. The newest episode in the saga took place during the Canadian’s latest stream, in which he claimed there’s a conspiracy to take him down.

In the past, xQc called these players out for having double standards and breaking some of the server’s rules, such as resisting a gun-point assault. Now, the popular Twitch streamer claimed that the fictitious police officers log in specifically to increase the odds of hunting him down. He came up with that theory after some police officers thwarted his plans in a shootout.

“There is one thing that I’ll never agree with, and I wish that people made a big deal about it on Discord,” xQc said after the police officers gunned him down. “If there are 12 officers on duty, if you log in, you don’t get to join an active situation. I think that’s a fair thing. Seven people logged in and went crazy on me. I think that’s a little weird, but it is what it is.”

NoPixel has been one of the most popular GTA V RP servers in the world, especially because the biggest streamers on Twitch like xQc, LIRIK, and shroud play on it. The latter has also criticized NoPixel players in the past, accusing them of breaking character and behaving unrealistically.

XQc said in the past he was burnt out from playing on the GTA V RP NoPixel server, but he always comes back for more action, so it’s likely that this latest incident won’t stop him from streaming the game in the future.