‘Get me the f*** out of this’: xQc quits Twitch Rivals Elden Ring tournament

The juicer wasn't having it.

Popular Twitch streamer xQc made an early exit from the Twitch Rivals Elden Ring two-vs-two tournament after a rules misunderstanding with a VTuber opponent.

On June 1, Twitch ran its latest Twitch Rivals tournament and first competitive event in Elden Ring. During the event, players had to start fresh characters from level one and were given two hours before PvP began to gain items, armor, talismans, and other assorted tools.

The tournament held several caveats, as players were prohibited from using specified spells and were not allowed to use potions of any kind before or during their duel. In his leadoff duel against VTuber girl_dm_, xQc used an item that boosted his defense. After contacting tournament administrators, girl_dm_ was allowed a free hit to compensate for xQc’s infraction.

Once the effects of the potion wore off, xQc’s opponent claimed her free hit. While xQc expected girl_dm_ to get her free hit and step back to reset the encounter, the VTuber instead comboed off her heavy hit to immediately slay xQc.

XQc immediately called for a rematch, but tournament admins claimed there was such a significant health disparity between xQc and girl_dm_ that a reset would not be worth it. Being sent to the lower bracket, xQc lamented over the poor communication and unclear rules of the tournament.

“How did I lose? We didn’t even conclude the match,” xQc said. “That’s so ironic; she broke the rules too but only I got punished.”

Seemingly fed up with the event, xQc announced that he was simply done with the whole event.

“I’m done dude, get me the fuck out of this,” xQc said. “They can take it, it’s fine.”

The French-Canadian streamer was also sent screenshots of a Twitch staff member who laughed at xQc’s expense and typed mockingly, “‘My streamer broke the rules but still lost. Give him a rematch.’ Chat, yall so silly.”

The event carried on even after this unexpected hiccup. Streamers Oroboro and Maxium ultimately won after a close match-up against BoxBox and DisguisedToast.