XQc claims he had to attend ‘streamer therapy’ after being banned

XQc talked about his time in streamer therapy.

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/xQcOW

During a Dec. 27 stream, xQc said Twitch made him attend “streamer therapy” to get unbanned from one of his past broadcast suspensions.

After coming across a Twitter conversation involving the head of Twitch community productions, djWHEAT, xQc recalled his experience with the Twitch staffer. “This guy is pretty cool though chat,” xQc said. “Back when I got banned, Twitch said that for me to get unbanned I had to go to like a streamer therapy type of thing.”

The French-Canadian streamer elaborated on exactly what this process entailed. “I had to agree to one session, or a couple sessions, of streamer reform therapy,” xQc said mere seconds before bursting in laughter. “And my therapist was this guy.”

Though many thought xQc was joking about Twitch forcing him to undergo “reform therapy,” the popular streamer reaffirmed that this was true. The Twitch superstar said this incident followed his ban for showing animal pornography on stream.

The former Overwatch League pro disclosed some of the content of his therapy, saying it was essentially meant to reaffirm the rules of Twitch to the streamer. “He was nice though,” xQc said, “It was like a thing where he just asked ‘oh, you understand why you were banned’ and ‘oh, OK, why was that bad’ type of discussion.” Though xQc described the therapy session as pleasant and short, many have still questioned the practice.

Despite being one of the largest streamers on the platform, xQc is also one of the most banned. Receiving five total bans, the former Overwatch pro is a frequent target of bans for a wide variety of reasons. So far, xQc is the only streamer to say that he was required to undergo “streamer therapy.”