XQc beats Minecraft in just under an hour

He didn't break a record, but it was impressive.

Screengrab via xQc

Streamer xQc completed a Minecraft speedrun in his latest stream yesterday, beating the game in less than one hour. After a few attempts, he was able to get supplies, go to the End, and kill the Ender Dragon.

He spawned in green fields and immediately started to collect materials for the basic tools needed to mine and survive while exploring. He ended up dying a few times, though, forcing him to restart the timer.

The streamer had to prepare before heading to the End. He searched for food, made tools, spare tools, and created beds. He survived on bread and mined around to make a Nether Portal.

He reached the Nether at around the nine-minute mark and spent most of his time there looking for the Eye of Ender. After he managed to return to the normal world, he used the Eye to find the nearest stronghold.

This took xQc a good amount of time, only finding it at around 55 minutes. He didn’t have much time left. He had nearly died several times in his journey but nothing was going to stop him now.

After two minutes, he found the End Portal and rushed to kill the Ender Dragon. He used a known technique in the community of using beds to kill it. When you left-click on a bed in the End and in the Nether, it’ll explode. The explosion will take one-fifth of the dragon’s health, making it quick to end the battle.

At 59 minutes and 30 seconds, xQc killed the Ender Dragon and the credits rolled at 59 minutes and 37 seconds. He recognized that this wasn’t a good time when compared to record-breaking speedrunners, but it was his record time.

There are many types of speedruns, such as Glitched, Glitchless, or based on specific versions of Minecraft, or with specific world seeds. The fastest speedrun was done in just three minutes and six seconds by MinecrAvenger without mods, according to speedrun.com.