xQc and m0xyy win Minecraft Monday Week 12

Another team wins their first Minecraft Monday

Image via UMG

This was a week of incredible upsets and insane finishes, but xQc and m0xyy finally won their first Minecraft Monday after slowly improving over the course of the competition.

The duo started off with a dominant opening round of Hunger Games, taking it right to Technoblade and his teammate, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, who returned to Minecraft Monday for the first time since week two.

The highlight of week 12 was the final round of Skywars, which started with CourageJD taking out Techno very early on, opening the door for xQc and m0xyy to really pull away.

Once the final teams made it into the smallest section of the map after the area closed in around them, it became a battle of heights. XQc and m0xyy were on the ground level and another team was camped in a sky base just above them.

But while the commentators were busy focusing on m0xyy trying to climb up, lava started falling from above the upper level. When they cammed up, everyone was shocked to see a build even higher up than the others, holding JeromeASF and Bajan Canadian as they dropped lava down below.

Team Merome eventually forced those below them into a stalemate, but the server hosts weren’t going to let it end there. Instead, they spawned multiple Ender Dragons on the map, causing absolute mayhem as bases were destroyed within the barrier.

That forced player movement, which ended up killing both Bajan and Jerome as they tried to descend and fight the remaining players. And down below, m0xyy ended up cleaning things up with a well-timed Ender Pearl.

Both m0xyy and xQc were able to hold their lead through both Parkour and TnT Run, even managing to win a round of the latter. That put them in a perfect position to clinch their first win in One Shot, which they did right at the end.

Even though they would be eliminated early in the final round of Hunger Games, they had enough of a lead to just sit back and watch. This was the team’s first win after competing multiple times before.

Here are the final scores for week 12.

FirstxQc and m0xyy 1,663
SecondWisp and Nestor 1,344
ThirdTechnoblade and Ninja1,280
FourthJeromeASF and Bajan Canadian1,224
FifthCourageJD and Vikkstar1,135
SixthPh1LzA and Wilbursoot 1,021
SeventhSymfuhny and Brooke 977
EighthKYR_SP33DY and Albi_SideArms 974
NinthCaptainSparklez and QuackityHQ 957
10thCallMeCarsonYT and Traves901
11thFitz and SwaggerSouls 815
12thZerkaaHD and Behzinga 708
13thChandlerHallow and ChrisO2_ 594
14thTypical Gamer and SamaraRedway 494
15thDolanDark and Grannday 240
16thFaZe Jarivs and FaZe Kay0-DQ

Grannday was unable to make it, leaving DolanDark partnerless for every event. He stuck it out and managed to beat several teams in Replica, which was great considering everyone else had partners.

FaZe Jarivs and FaZe Kay only played one round before leaving the lobby and being disqualified. It is unclear if this will affect their ability to appear in future competitions.