WoW streamer Staysafe believes Classic Burning Crusade could be released by May

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Image via Blizzard Entertainment

With all of World of Warcraft Classic’s content completely released, many players and streamers are starting to speculate on when Blizzard might try to add the Classic content into a new expansion. 

Blizzard has hinted at a move toward a Classic version of The Burning Crusade in the form of questionnaires sent to random subscribers. But up to this point, any talk of a timetable has been premature.

WoW streamer Staysafe, however, believes that a supposed “leak” for the Classic TBC release schedule is likely true based on a personal source that he cites in his most recent video posted to YouTube.

In his video, Staysafe said a Classic TBC timeline was brought to his attention from forums that claim a beta test could be coming by mid-February. After that, the post claims a pre-patch could come the second week of April and the global release of Classic TBC would be the first week of May.

“I actually do think this leak is right on the money,” he said in his video.

His reason for believing the leak is because of a personal anonymous source that he doesn’t disclose and posts on Twitter by “Nano,” a former team member of the private vanilla WoW legacy server called Nostalrius.

The potentially leaked timeline falls perfectly in line with Blizzard’s upcoming BlizzConline event on Feb. 19 to 20. If Blizzard is set to make a big Classic TBC announcement, that’d be the most well-suited opportunity.

According to Staysafe, it wouldn’t be surprising if Blizzard even used the event as a chance to announce Classic TBC and start its beta testing at the same time.