WoW Classic player Jokerd reveals face on stream

After being the first player to reach level 60, the streamer made waves again.

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After skyrocketing to stardom for being the world’s first WoW Classic player to reach level 60, Jokerd further shocked the community by revealing his face on stream—and he isn’t bald.

Jokerd began his Twitch stream today by setting up his webcam and showing thousands of viewers what he looks like.

The face reveal surprised fans who believed that the Maltese streamer would be bald like his Gnome Mage in WoW Classic. Jokerd also named his Discord channel “bald squad” again, likely referring to his character and not himself.

Jokerd gave a quick tour of his room, showing fans where the record was broken. His room was dimly lit and built with walls of stone.

“I’m in jail, dude, look,” Jokerd said. “I’m locked up. I was forced to get 60.”

Fans in his Twitch chat also commented on his humble abode, calling him a “Dungeonmaster” or saying that he “lives in a castle.”

The streamer was the first WoW Classic player to reach level 60. He famously tried to delete his Gnome afterward but was stopped by fans who kept sending him mail, preventing the deletion of his character.

The streamer did receive some flak for abusing WoW Classic’s layering to hit level 60, with some fans even calling for his speedrun to be invalidated.

To watch Jokerd play WoW Classic, tune in to his Twitch channel.