WoW Arena World Championship Shadowlands season one, Cup 2: Scores and results

Will Kawhi and Method go back-to-back?

Photo via Blizzard Entertainment

The World of Warcraft Arena World Championship is back this weekend for Cup two of Shadowlands season one with competitors looking to earn points for a slot in the AWC Circuit.

With competition in Europe and North America, the AWC Cup this weekend pits 12 team from each region against others from their continent for $10,000 in prize money and “points” toward an AWC Shadowlands season one Circuit spot. 

Following the first cup, Blizzard made hotfixes to PvP talents for Paladins, which have largely been considered overpowered early in WoW’s newest expansion that was released last November. 

This will be our first chance to check out how changes to the class could affect the PvP meta for team class compositions.

The European regional is taking place today and North America is playing tomorrow. But the finals for both regionals will take place on Sunday, Jan. 31.

In the North American finals, Kawhi went undefeated beating OTK in the finals four games to one.

Skill Capped EU defeated Method in the European finals four to one to post an undefeated record of its own in its region.

Image via World of Warcraft
Image via World of Warcraft