When will World of Warcraft Classic Phase 2 release?

The next phase is guaranteed to spice up the game

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

World of Warcraft Classic has had a monumental launch, igniting the MMORPG genre and attracting millions of new players. 

The hype has since come to a stand-still, though, after players have reached the maximum level and completed the bare-bone content. As a result, the queues are getting smaller and the player base is slowly dying down. 

Luckily, Classic isn’t over just yet. There are a total of six phases, each with new dungeons, raids, and systems— in a similar fashion to the original game. 

Phase Two will be a deal-breaker for WoW fans, hopefully bringing back old players and enticing the new. 

What will Phase Two introduce to WoW Classic?

World bosses are coming to Classic in Phase Two, giving players the opportunity to farm new content, and gear. Other than Molton Core and Onxyia’s Lair, players will have two new bosses to farm.

Lord Kazzak will dwell ominously outside the Dark Portal in the Blasted Lands, while the blue wyrm Azuregos will be found lingering in Azshara. Each of the bosses will require a raid group to kill, giving players yet another chance to gear up. The Dire Maul dungeon found in Feralas will also be added to the game.

Most important, though, the PvP Honor System and Rank Rewards are going to be introduced. This will give players a reason to fight their opposing faction, allowing them to build up honor and earn epic gear. They’ll be 14 ranks in all, with each rank unlocking new rewards, including gear and titles. 

This will bring world PvP back to the game, especially in contested zones, like Stranglethorn Vale, and Hillsbrad Foothills. But the real action will come when battlegrounds are added in Phase Three.

When will Phase Two be released?

Blizzard has hinted the phases will be released on a similar schedule to the patches in the original game.

The official date for Phase Two has yet to be revealed, but unless something drastic happens, the next phase is expected to be released three months after launch. If this is correct, Phase Two could come as early as November 2019.