World of Warcraft Classic is getting another esports tournament

The future of WoW Classic esports is shaping up.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

WoW classic is getting an esports tournament. The WoW Classic Fall Conquest will take place for three weeks on the beloved Arathi Basin battleground in a 15-versus-15 format.

The tournament will kick off on Oct. 3 and finish on Oct. 18 with a total prize pool of 12 thousand dollars. The prize pool will be split between the North American and European regions equally with $6,000 going to each region.

The competition will use WoW Classic’s recently implemented War Game feature that allows players to group up and compete against other full groups that accept their request for battle. The tournament will be split in two stages: open qualifiers and regional finals, featuring top six teams from each region.

Teams of 15 players will have to sign up for the event with NA and EU having their own registration links. The sign-ups will close for EU on Oct. 1 and for NA on Oct. 8. The qualifiers will begin two days after sign-ups close and will last for only two days. The top six teams will beat it out for the prize pool on Oct. 17 for EU and Oct. 18 for NA.

This represents the second time that Blizzard has made an esports event out of Classic. The last one was a Warsong Gulch event in June. This should provide some hope for the future of WoW Classic players who were accustomed to all the tournaments happening on retail.