Wildcard Gaming win European World of Warcraft AWC Cup

Congratulations to this year's AWC European champions.

Photo via Blizzard Entertainment

Wildcard Gaming have taken home the crown for this year’s remote World of Warcraft European Arena World Championship.

They started the four-team bracket with dominating wins, winning their first best-of-five series with a 3-1 score against Coffin Dance and 3-1 against XSET.

Following their domination, they qualified for the grand finals, where they would face the winner of the lower bracket. XSET took down Coffin Dance in a 3-1 series and got their rematch against Wildcard Gaming.

While both teams played exceptionally in the series, Wildcard Gaming came out on top once again, securing their title after a 4-1 series, in which they read XSET like a book.

Wildcard Gaming played Holy Paladin, Fire Mage, and Elemental Shaman in most of their games during the Cups for the past couple of weeks, dominating most opponents. They had some losses against Method Black (current XSET) in the past, but managed to overcome their weaknesses and take them down in the final stage of this year’s Cup.

Over the course of four weeks in August, eight teams from EU and NA battled for a top-four standing in a round-robin format, and the best teams in the world have advanced to this weekend’s remote final AWC. While Europe has decided who its champion is, NA will have their own final matches today in a couple hours time.

Head over to WoW‘s YouTube channel to see who will be this year’s NA Champion.