Who Won Minecraft Championships (MCC) All-Stars: Results, final standings, scores

Who will be the best of the best?

Another month, another installment of everyone’s favorite Minecraft competitive event. This time, however, the MCC is introducing a twist: only Minecraft Championship winners are in the competition.

Unlike previous MCC events, MCC All-Stars brings together past winners to see who is the biggest of them all, with big-name teams taking part to win the honors. Any team could walk away with the crown at the end of the event. With a lot of upsets on the horizon, MCC All-Stars will be one to remember.

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If you’re joining the party late or just want to see what the final scores were, here is a breakdown of the results per game—as well as who took it all in the end.

MCC All-Stars standings

Winners: Red Rabbits

Dodgevolt: Red Rabbits 3 – 0 Yellow Yaks

Results by round

Round one: Parkour Tag

Winners: Red Rabbits

Round two: Sky Battle

Winners: Red Rabbits

Round three: Grid Runners

Winners: Yellow Yaks

Round four: Ace Race

Winners: Red Rabbits

Round five: Build Mart

Winners: Green Geckos

Round six: Battle Box

Winners: Blue Bats

Round seven: Sand of Time

Winners: Red Rabbits


Winners: Red Rabbits