When is YouTube Escape 2021?

The tradition has a new form.

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A lot can happen in 365 days. Every year, people witness trends form, memes rise in popularity, or new challenges test the mettle of social media users.

Remembering all trends and memes can be rather difficult as the year’s coming to an end, but that’s exactly where YouTube Rewind was able to shine. Since 2010, YouTube Rewind has become an annual trend, highlighting the best moments, memes, trends, and content creators of the year. 

With calendars getting closer to December, discussions would start on online forums with fans trying to agree which content creators or trends they’d be more likely to see. The tradition took a break in 2020 due to the pandemic, but and it’s coming back with a rebrand.

The second season of the Rewind series goes by the name of Escape, and instead of a short video, it’s a 24-hour, three-chapter-long interactive livestream. Considering the experience itself will be new, it’s hard to predict what fans can expect from it. Based on the length of the event, there may be a lot more content compared to the Rewinds.

When will YouTube Escape 2021 go live?

YouTube Escape 2021’s first chapter is scheduled to go live on Dec. 15 at 11pm CT. Don’t worry if you miss the first chapter, though, since there will be two more.

YouTube Escape 2021’s second chapter will kick off on Dec. 16 at 11am CT and the third chapter will go live on Dec. 16 at 6pm CT. Though it isn’t confirmed yet, the YouTube Escape 2021 may also become available as a video on the platform, but its interactive features could be missing at that point. The chances are quite a few content creators should record the event, meaning even if you miss all three chapters, you should still be able to check out YouTube Escape 2021.

If you decide to tune into the event, make sure to rate the livestream as well since YouTube can use the data to determine whether it should continue with the new format in 2022. If you happen to like Escape more than Rewind, give the livestream a Thumbs Up and maybe an encouraging comment to thank everyone included in the producing crew.


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