What is the 180-degree rule in streaming?

Don't get confused.

Photo via Riot Games

There are numerous technical aspects to streaming that can make it seem complicated and setting up your camera is certainly among them.

Many content creators use one webcam directed at their face and focus their stream on video games. But for more creative individuals, the use of multiple cameras, angles, and scenes is a tactic that could help you stand out.

If you intend on using multiple cameras, however, there are some basic techniques that you should follow, especially if you’re using two people in a scene.

The 180-degree rule is a filmmaking technique that refers to an imaginary line that the producers envision that goes directly between two individuals in a scene.

When deciding where to put cameras, it’s ideal to have them on the same 180-degree axis of the two people. This helps viewers establish a sense of spatial awareness in a scene.

For instance, if there are two people in a scene, you’ll want to have one on the left side of the camera and one on the right. Any other camera angles that you cut to should still have those two people on the same side of the screen relative to one another.

This is a common strategy used during analyst desk segments at esports events like the LCS or LEC. It’s also regularly used to produce in-person video interviews.

Breaking that 180-degree barrier and showing people in opposite positions from one shot to the next can cause confusion for your audience and be disorienting.