What is ‘Pepega’ in Twitch chat?

It's not nice.

Image via Twitch

Twitch chat is a wild place.

The chat windows next to anybody’s Twitch stream can be scary, especially for new users or those who aren’t fluent in Twitch speak, internet meme language, or emotes.

Sometimes, Twitch chats will explode into emote spam. And other times, those emotes only show up in the chat window as words. This is likely because the emote is available outside of Twitch and seen via a browser extension called BetterTwitchTV or FrankerFaceZ.

While some emotes are for spreading joy, sarcasm, or to celebrate something like gifted subs, others aren’t quite as nice.

If you’ve been in Twitch chats at all recently, you most likely have seen someone, or many people, typing the word “Pepega.” Pepega is one of these not so nice emotes.

Here’s what Pepega means in Twitch chat.

Twitch chat “Pepega” emote meaning

Image via BetterTwitchTV

Sadly, Pepega isn’t nearly as happy or positive of an emote as Kappa or PogChamp. Pepega, pictured above, is a distorted version of Pepe the Frog and it has a very negative connotation.

Basically, Pepega is spammed in Twitch chats when a streamer does something stupid, has a hard time understanding something, or struggles with something like a puzzle in-game.

Pepega is available on BetterTwitchTV, which is a browser extension that can enhance the Twitch chat experience with things like customization and an endless amount of new emotes.

Calling someone a Pepega is basically insulting their intelligence, so be careful when using Twitch chat and Pepegas fill up the window.