What does 4Weird mean on Twitch?

You'll need BetterTTV to see it.

Screengrab via xQc

Emotes are one of the flagship features on Twitch that enhance the viewing and chatting experience for viewers, and while most emotes are visible to everyone, some can only be viewed when using the BetterTTV internet extension.

Among those emotes is the “4Weird” emote, which is a spinoff of the popular “4Head” emote. Both images are of former League of Legends streamer Cadburry making different facial expressions.

While 4Head is a part of Twitch’s main list of emotes, 4Weird is one you’ll need BetterTTV to see and use.

In the emote, Cadburry is making a deadpan facial expression, and one might expect it’s meant to express that something said on a stream has created an awkward situation. The emote was originally created in 2019 and it’s now a staple of the BTTV emotes that many streamers keep enabled. 

Screengrab via BetterTTV

It juxtaposes the open-mouth smile from the original 4Head emote that was popularized in the mid-2010s. The happy iteration of the emote is often used as punctuation for light-hearted sarcastic jokes.

For instance, if a streamer is performing poorly in a game, a chatter might say something like “just win the game 4Head” as a form of advice for the content creator.

The usage of 4Weird is typically not as sarcastic as 4Head. Instead, it’s intended to amplify the intensity of a situation that chatters deem to be cringeworthy. So next time your favorite streamer finds themselves in a particularly awkward situation, make sure that you show them you care by throwing a 4Weird in the chat.