Virus leaves FaZe Clan seemingly amid its support for LGBTQ+ community

Virus has parted ways.

Image via FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan has become used to controversy, with a number of people associated with the esports organization showing up in headlines for questionable behavior over the years. Many players have come and gone through the organization’s ranks, with one of those personalities being FaZe Virus. After joining in 2020, it seems the streamer has had enough and left.

In a tweet on Jan. 24, media personality Jake Lucky went over the events as they happened. In June last year, FaZe did what most popular brands were doing and changed its profile picture to a rainbow icon to represent equality for the LGBTQ+ community. At the time, FaZe Virus made it known he didn’t support this message and may have used it as his reason for leaving the organization.

In the tweet, you can see the FaZe symbol Virus posted on Jan. 23 was the same one from 2022 that he had objected to. In a tweet posted the day before, he posted he was leaving FaZe, with many assuming these two tweets were linked.

In a recent video posted by Virus, speaking in Arabic, he said FaZe was unable to expand into the middle east and his input was often ignored. He was also apparently kept away from social media, certain events, and brand deals that others were getting. Virus claims he had a negative relationship with many members of the team and management as well.

Many of these complaints from Virus may stem from the fact he was less accepting of people he disagreed with to the point he couldn’t ignore a marketing tool. Every brand does the same thing each June and changes their social media icons to something involving a rainbow. If he had trouble stomaching that, FaZe might have been hesitant to give him high-value opportunities.

Unfortunately, Virus has not taken his exit in stride, posting images showing how he hopes the stock price for FaZe will crash.