Tyler1 shows his keyboard and viewers can’t believe how dirty it is

Tyler1 never cleans his keyboard.

Screengrab via Tyler1

League of Legends streamer Tyler1 shocked his viewers yesterday after revealing the state of his keyboard.

The keyboard was incredibly dirty, filled with fuzz and small pieces of food. “I had a fucking protein shake and I spilled it,” Tyler1 said. “I mean the left side is clean, but the right side, the side I don’t use, is not clean.”

The discussion about Tyler1’s keyboard continued for a while and he explained why the keyboard is so dirty.

“Listen, it’s easy because I don’t keep these keyboards,” Tyler1 said. “I replace them, so when they get dirty, I just toss them out and get a new one. I told you guys you didn’t want to see that.”

Tyler1 has probably been using his current keyboard for some time, judging by its current condition. Although his method is strange since he could just clean his keyboards, Tyler1 might not have to pay for new ones if he has a peripheral sponsor.

“It’s not that bad, you guys are overreacting,” Tyler1 said as multiple viewers were disgusted and spamming “eww” and “WTF” in his chat.

This isn’t the first time that Tyler1’s viewers have gotten a look at his streaming setup, either. Earlier this year, his girlfriend showed how dirty his desk and peripherals were, which shocked Tyler1’s viewers for the first time.