Tyler1 says he lost 15,000 subs from not streaming

But he's the highest rank in LoL.

Screengrab via Tyler1/Twitch

Tyler1 has returned to streaming following his jungle-only Challenger grind in League of Legends. But when he came back, he was shocked to find out how many subs he’d lost in the process. 

The now-Challenger ranked League player said he lost 15,000 subs because of his month and a half hiatus from streaming. During that time, however, he finally achieved Challenger rank in under 2,000 games while playing as a jungler. 

“I leave for a month and a half, and I lose, get this, I lose 15,000 subscribers,” he said. 

Tyler didn’t stop there, of course. “But don’t forget about your Xbox Live Membership, a lot of fakes, a lot of big ol’ fakes, all these people right now that are re-subbing, honest to God just fuck off,” he said jokingly. 

Upon his return, Tyler shared his thoughts on the current state of the jungle position. He said it was “tilting as fuck” and compared it to his old role, ADC. The former Draven-main said “you’re fucking useless” as an ADC but jungle players have to identify plays and executions. 

His Challenger grind came with some other achievements, too. Although he’s now considered among some of the best in North America, he’s also one of the best Ivern players in NA. At time of writing, he’s ranked fourth in NA with 330 games played on the champ, according to League of Graphs

Now that Tyler is back in action, fans can watch him live on his Twitch channel