Tyler1 gives love advice to viewer who shouts out his ex-girlfriend on stream

“If it’s true love, it will find a way.”

Screengrab via Tyler1

When one Tyler1 fan participated in a League of Legends one-vs-one with the Twitch star, he didn’t know he was also signing up for relationship advice.

Tyler1 gave a fan some tips to everlasting love during his broadcast today. After the two dueled on the Rift, the streamer asked if there was anybody the fan wanted to shout out while 20,000 viewers watched. But T1 was taken aback to hear the viewer say “my ex.”

“You said what?” Tyler1 said. “Let it go, bro… you gotta move on. Do you think she’s sitting here thinking about you right now?”

As the notorious Draven-main-turned-jungler continued to probe, however, the reason for the breakup appeared more complicated than he thought. This sparked some rare humility from the streamer, who issued out sound, albeit vague, advice. “If it’s true love, it will find a way,” Tyler1 said.

Viewers who accrue 100,000 Twitch channel points on Tyler1’s stream get to one-vs-one him while chatting on Discord. So lovestruck fans who are nursing a broken heart can get some free advice simply by tuning into his stream.

Tyler1 continues his conquest to prove that jungle is an easy role. The streamer is now ranked Diamond one with a 58-percent win rate.