TwitchCon viewers troll broadcast with images of banned streamer Dr DisRespect

The Two-Time makes an unexpected appearance.

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TwitchCon Amsterdam 2022’s first day was met with light trolling by some fans, casually sneaking in images of Dr DisRespect into the main broadcast of the Amazon-backed platform.

TwitchCon is an in-person event that allows livestreaming creators to come together, meet their viewers, and host panels sanctioned by Twitch. The highly anticipated return of Twitch is finally in full swing after several years of canceled events due to the pandemic. During this long hiatus, one streamer was notably banned from the platform and all Twitch-related events, Dr DisRespect.

On the first day, July 16, all Twitch broadcasts featured viewer comments and profile pictures at the bottom of streams. Though only featured for a matter of seconds, fans could get images of Dr DisRespect seen on the livestream in multiple instances throughout the day.

The broadcast team was seemingly not oblivious to this fact, as after a comment made by a Dr DisRespect lookalike appeared on stream, Twitch either quickly changed the overlay, or the comment was cycled out to get rid of the lookalike.

While Dr DisRespect may be missing out on this TwitchCon, and potentially all future TwitchCon events, it seems that his followers are still out in full force.

The two-time was mysteriously permanently banned from Twitch back in 2020, with the reason still being shrouded in ambiguity. As a result of the ban, Dr DisRespect can no longer stream on Twitch, even as a guest. Many have assumed that Doc’s indefinite hiatus on the platform extends to the in-person and virtual TwitchCon events, however, fans found a way to sneak the notorious streamer into the production.