Twitch tests three new buttons on live channels: Rewind the Stream, Remind Me, and Watch Trailer

These features are here for a good time, not a long time.

Image via Twitch

Twitch Support announced via Twitter it will test out three new features. Rewind, Remind Me, and Watch Trailer will all be added to some users’ live channel pages. These new buttons will only be around for a limited time, as their primary function is to “inform future features.”

Test footage has shown off the three new features in action. The Rewind option will allow viewers to backtrack two minutes in the stream and pick up from that point. From the video test, it seems that this will link you to the VOD with the option to return to the live broadcast. The Remind Me feature will allow users to set up notifications for streamers of their choice, getting a message when the streamer goes live.

Channel trailers were an addition made in 2020 and can currently be found on the ‘Videos’ page of a streamer’s channel. The new button, Watch Trailer, will shortly allow viewers to watch the streamer’s channel trailer on the main page. Of course, this will only be available if the streamer has a preset channel trailer. All three features are part of an experiment and will only last a month for specific streamers and viewers.

The reception has been mixed so far. Some have criticized the Rewind as simply another option to view the VOD. Others, such as IRL streamer Jake’n’Bake, have commented that the Rewind feature specifically could compromise the safety of fellow IRL streamers.

The Rewind feature could be used to Dox streamers’ locations before they are able to end the broadcast and delete their VOD. While Jake’n’Bake has called for an option to disable this specific button, it is unclear whether this will be included in the rollout.