Twitch seems to be having technical issues—again

Didn't this just happen last week?

Image via Twitch

If you were unable to go live on Twitch this morning, you probably aren’t alone. Twitch is yet again investigating issues that could be preventing content creators from starting up their streams today.

In a post on Twitter, Twitch said it’s “investigating an issue preventing some users from going live” and thanked those who have reported issues with the platform.

The post made by Twitch came just before 9:30am CT and Twitch has not yet said that it has resolved the issue.

The website itself appears to be working, with numerous streamers able to broadcast. Popular categories like Just Chatting and League of Legends are pulling in more than 200,000 viewers right now. 

Prior to 10am CT, Just Chatting and League had roughly the same amount of viewers as they did at the same time last week. Just Chatting was sitting around 340,000 and League had just more than 200,000.

This is the sixth time this year that the Twitch Support Twitter account has posted that the platform was investigating some technical issues. But most of those posts were sent out in the first two weeks of January.

The most recent technical issue before today came last Wednesday, Jan. 27. There was a similar issue that day involving streamers who were unable to go live. That problem was resolved, though, within an hour.

This issue was resolved by Twitch just before noon. The platform posted a tweet confirming the fix.