Twitch takes down MF DOOM tribute stream due to DMCA

Fans are outraged.

Image via Twitch

The music community was mourning the loss of legendary rap artist MF DOOM, 49, yesterday. As a tribute to the late rapper, a Twitch stream was live for some time in his honor, replaying some of his greatest tracks. But it was swiftly taken down due to DMCA.

The stream, hosted by producer Flying Lotus, had been promoted by multiple other producers, including Kennybeats, who was live on his own stream when the tribute was taken down.

After this, Kenny was quick to direct his chat to another stream that was playing DOOM’s songs to thousands of his fans. As he was ending his stream, Kenny also shared that he’d be joining them in the chat.

The DMCA issue plaguing Twitch has been taken to the extreme over the past few months. In situations where users were previously able to play music, they now must do so with the fear of facing a ban or just not play music at all.

For many streamers who have been affected by the tougher DMCA policies, action has only been taken after their respective stream has ended. But in the case of this tribute stream, it was taken down while live.

Although the news of DOOM’s passing was announced today, his family shared that he died on Oct. 31. The cause of his death wasn’t revealed.

At this time, the most recent tribute stream to go live is still up and available for fans to watch. But with the swift action taken against the previous stream, it will likely be taken down shortly.