Twitch streamers who average just six viewers are in the top 21 percent of channels

Twitch data shows how difficult finding an audience truly is.

Image via Twitch

A report by Zach Bussey and SullyGnome states that Twitch streamers that average only six viewers are in the top 21 percent of all channels.

Twitch has seen a meteoric rise over the past years, as the number of viewers and streamers has risen exponentially. With more content creators on the platform than ever, growing a stable audience on Twitch is the single most difficult challenge to overcome for any aspiring affiliate or partnered streamer. This point was re-emphasized by an infographic released by streaming reporter Zach Bussey.

via Bussey

Halfway through 2022, Bussey’s data found that over 15 million channels had gone live on Twitch at least once this year. Out of that number, only 11.3 percent were affiliate channels, and a shocking 0.3 percent were official Twitch partnered accounts.

Divisions based on viewer counts exemplified how bottom-heavy the streaming platform is and how difficult accruing viewers can be on Twitch. Bussey found that streamers with just six viewers landed in the top 21 percent of streamers, channels averaging 26 viewers are among the top 5 percent, and the relatively few streamers with an average of 250 or more are firmly in the top 1 percent.

While the data above shows information for only affiliate and partnered streamers, if you include all Twitch channels, non-affiliates and community channels, it is even more jarring. Including all streamers across Twitch, Bussey writes that the top 1 percent of Twitch channels average only 26 viewers.

Though admittedly, the data is somewhat skewed by one-time streamers who do not broadcast past their first attempt, the information certainly conveys the difficulty of finding a consistent audience.