Twitch streamer gets swatted by chill cop that loves Twitch

"The cops are chill because I love Twitch," one of the cops says on stream.

Jeff “TrixxyTrix” Zito is the latest Twitch streamer to get swatted by trolls, but one of the SWAT cops that showed up at his house already knew what Twitch and swatting were.

The whole ordeal was captured on Zito’s camera, streaming live to his entire audience. Laughing off threats of swatting from folks in chat, Zito continues to play both Minecraft and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive until he hears banging on the windows.

Off-screen, the SWAT team escorts Zito and his family out of the house to clear the building, Zito wrote on YouTube. He returns to the screen with a few cops to discuss what happened. “They just fuck with him to get him off the game?” one of the cops asks. “It happens to Twitch streamers all the time,” the other cop responds.

Then the cop looks straight at the camera. “What’s chat saying right now?” he asks.

After Zito and the “cool Twitch” cop explain to the other cop what Twitch is, another Twitch streamer gets a shout out from our cool boy. “Oh, that’s Sodapoppin? The guy who gets crazy money from doing nothing?” says Twitch-viewing cop.

“Not doing nothing. He’s living the dream,” the other cop adds. The cops remain on Zito’s stream for another five minutes or so before he explains what happened. Apparently, one of Zito’s viewers called 911 to report him streaming how to make a bomb online, with his parents locked up in the basement.

Five cops in total showed up with assault weapons to investigate.

“I cannot thank these officers enough,” Zito wrote. “They made me feel very safe in a crazy chaotic situation.”

By the way, don’t swat people. It’s a crime, and someone can actually get hurt.

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