Twitch streamer receives gaming PC from viewer

The extravagant gift was overwhelming.

Image via Twitch

Twitch streamers often interact and spend a lot of time with their viewers. Smaller streamers tend to form tight-knit communities of loyal followers who tune in daily.

Viewers often show their appreciation with a donation to the streamer, but others will send actual gifts in the mail to be opened on stream. One generous viewer sent Alec Ludford a high-end gaming PC yesterday, which brought the streamer to tears.

Ludford is a Twitch streamer who often interacts with his audience in Just Chatting and IRL streams. He recently streamed himself opening fan mail, which included various items such as drawings and notes from viewers. Ludford was shocked, though, when he opened a package and found a high-end gaming PC.

Ludford thanked the viewer for the PC and was visibly overwhelmed by the expensive item. His hands shook while reading the note that came with the PC and he held back tears as he thanked his viewers for their overwhelming support.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart,” Ludford said. “Y’all have treated me very well.”

He continued to open packages from fans and was just as excited about other items. A fan sent a detailed drawing of Ludford that he displayed on stream and received audible gasps from Ludford and his friend.

Ludford will likely expand into gaming streams now that he has a powerful computer to use. Fans in the chat were already spamming suggestions for what games he should try out.