Twitch streamer harassed over her disabilities

Trolls claim all symptoms are faked for attention.

Screengrab via Aeyvi

Popular Twitch streamer Aeyvi responded to trolls yesterday who constantly harass her over her disabilities and claim she’s faking symptoms for profit.

Aeyvi is a popular Elder Scrolls Online streamer who also uses her streams to bring awareness to her disability, dysautonomia. Aeyevi suffers from other conditions as well, but dysautonomia has impacted her the most. Dysautonomia causes Aeyevi to suffer from attacks that are like strokes on a weekly basis and has severely reduced her mobility.

Aeyvi’s health issues have attracted numerous trolls who constantly harass her on Twitter. The trolls suggest Aeyvi is faking her disabilities to gain more attention and one vicious attack prompted a response from Aeyvi. The now-deleted tweet claimed Aeyvi’s face is fine and that she isn’t actually paralyzed from the waist down.

“Really? Can he tell me that when I can’t feel half the muscles in my face?” Aeyvi said. “This person clearly did not read the description of anything; I am not paralyzed from the waist down my friend.”

Aeyvi continued to explain how much her disability affects her and how constant harassment is a problem.

“I don’t spend a year and a half in a wheelchair for fun,” Aeyvi said. “I don’t not leave the house for fun. I know that I am allowing these people to win by being upset by this, but I find it disgusting that anyone would ever fake an illness. I have had my young life ruined by illness.”

The streamer’s chat was supportive throughout the entire ordeal and Aeyvi apologized for reading the tweet on stream. Aeyvi said that she can only report the messages and move on and hopes she can at least raise awareness for her disability in every stream.

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