Twitch streamer Doaenel unbanned after username confusion

The streamer has been reborn as DoBleedPurple.

Image via Twitch

Twitch League of Legends streamer Doaenel has been unbanned after 11 days away from the streaming platform. The streamer was originally banned due to having a supposedly inappropriate username, though he had been broadcasting under the online moniker since 2019.

Doaenel’s ban came just before Twitch instated its new username policy. This update restricted the naming conventions on the streaming platform, now banning and prohibiting any names on the site that may refer to “sexual acts, fluids, or genitalia.” Given the unfortunate pronunciation of his name, Doaenel was caught in the crossfire.

The streamer claimed that his name was not in reference to any sexual act, however, and instead came from a social media post about finding your angel name. The League streamer adopted the username despite the sexual activity many assumed it referenced.

During his indefinite ban, Doaenel’s partnership application was rejected for the 14th time. But the streamer finally reached out to Twitch to attempt to remedy the situation. In a recent tweet, the streamer revealed that he had been given a “courtesy unsuspension” and was able to change his name.

In his tweet, the now named DoBleedPurple wrote “After 11 days, I have finally been unbanned. Twitch has killed Doaenel (ingame). In his place, DoBleedPurple has been born.” Keeping the first part of his old name and also referencing his loyalty to Twitch, the streamer has found a suitable new username.

DoBleedPurple said regular streamers will return on his channel and fans can look forward to “a new era of unmatched hype.”