Twitch reveals full schedule for online-only GlitchCon event

The fun will be spread across four channels.

Image via Twitch

Twitch has unveiled the schedule for GlitchCon, an online-only event to celebrate gaming culture.

The event begins on Nov. 14 in lieu of TwitchCon, which was canceled this year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The streamed content will take place across four channels on the site.

On Twitch’s own channel, CEO Emmett Shear will kick off the event with a keynote and make some announcements about the site. Other content includes a cosplay contest, GDQ speed runs, a talent show, and an afterparty.

TwitchPresents will host a slew of artist-centric content, TwitchGaming will feature a couple of different kind of pen and paper RPG content plus more, and TwitchRivals will be home to multiple competitions.

The esports-themed events on TwitchRivals will include Fortnite, League of Legends, VALORANT, and Fall Guys. Many streamers and pro players will participate.

Everything begins on the aforementioned channels on Nov. 14 at 11am CT. The full schedule can be found on the Twitch blog.