Twitch reportedly removing re-run feature from the platform

Twitch might be sun-setting one of its most controversial features.

Image via Twitch

After several alleged code leaks, Twitch may be looking to retire its re-broadcasting feature, first reported on by Zach Bussey.

Initially added to Twitch in 2018, the re-run function allowed streamers to broadcast previously streamed content while offline. This quickly led to the rise of 24/7 Twitch channels, as the ASMR community in particular latched on to the practice of continually running re-run content for days on end until going live.

Re-run streams have faced prior push back, especially after the VALORANT drops controversy in 2020. In this instance, some streamers labeled re-run content as “Live” and falsely advertised content drops for the game. After being outed by several popular streamers, like TimTheTatman and Summit1g, these streams were taken down, and Twitch amended its rules regarding re-streamed content to avoid “spam, scams, or other malicious content.”

Now, the Twitch feature’s days may be numbered after streamer reporter Zach Bussey reported that the streaming platform intends on ending the program. Though not yet officially confirmed by Twitch, the company has rolled back several programs in the past months. Ending its desktop application and planning on deactivating the “friends” functionality on May 25, Twitch appears to be tightening its services and potentially cutting down on the website.

Twitch’s potential move was met with mixed reactions by viewers and streamers. While some welcome the end of re-run content and cited its seldom use, others continued to advocate for the program. Twitch streamers such as cjayride expressed that re-runs were useful for streamers with audiences in a wide variety of time zones.

Another user referenced Reckful‘s channel, which continuously re-broadcasts his old content, as per the streamer’s wishes prior to his death. Stream moderator Glassen emphasized their concern over potentially ending Reckful’s memorial stream with the end of this feature. It is unclear whether or not streaming old VODs instead of re-runs would be a viable alternative.

While Twitch has yet to give any kind of confirmation over the end of the re-run feature, its fate certainly appears to be in jeopardy.