Twitch releases statement on recent DMCA strikes

The platform addressed some of its creators' biggest concerns.

Image via Twitch

Twitch has responded to creators’ complaints regarding unfair DMCA strikes on their channels.

In multiple tweets, the official Twitch Twitter account addressed these issues tonight, providing multiple ways that creators will be able to resolve different situations.

Twitch began the thread by addressing the creators who had been flagged for content deleted using the platform’s own mass deletion tool. Twitch claims to have completely fixed the issue and will be reaching out to any of the creators who were affected.

The company also put to rest the rumor among streamers that they had been receiving strikes for content that solely existed on parts of the back end of the platform. Twitch claims this was never the case, debunking theories held by the community.

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Some creators have been using third-party tools to monitor their channels and remove content that may infringe on copyright. This included the recent bot circulating that gave streamers a notification whenever they broadcasted copyrighted content. Twitch warned against using such tools, however, since it can’t verify their effectiveness and still urged streamers to ensure that their content has been removed.

Twitch concluded its statement by informing creators who feel they were wrongfully targeted during this time to file a counter-notification on the site’s legal tab for the platform to investigate further.

Over the past month, hundreds of Twitch partners have faced DMCA warnings—and, in some cases, even bans—due to the platform’s crackdown on infringing content. With the tweets it posted tonight, Twitch aims to give creators all the necessary information to keep their channels DMCA free.