Twitch reducing minimum payout threshold in select countries

Twitch looks to encourage new creators.

Image via Twitch

Streaming platform Twitch will lower the minimum amount of money required to receive a payout from $100 to $50 for users residing in Argentina, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, and Taiwan. Twitch plans on expanding this lesser threshold across more countries in the near future.

Twitch streamers are paid on a monthly basis only if the amount they earned throughout the month has reached a certain threshold. Currently, most streamers must have $100 or more on their Twitch account balance to receive payment on time. This amount comes from money made on Twitch through subscriptions, bits, or donations.

For new affiliate streamers, this number can be difficult to hit on a consistent basis and could result in months of pending payouts. Twitch’s new $50 threshold cuts the required amount in half, which could inspire smaller streamers to continue their career on the platform.

While only six countries will see the reduced payout option, Twitch said that it will continue to add more areas through November. For users residing in countries eligible for the lesser payout, they must ensure their payout method, payout status, payout details and have $50 or more in their Twitch account.

If you are curious if you are in the select areas currently implementing the new payout amount, Twitch will contact affiliated and partnered creators who can accept the amount. The $50 Minimum Payout Threshold Countries list will also be updated through the slow rollout.