Twitch opens Ad Incentive Program to wider audience and increases creator cuts

Twitch's AIP hopes to reach more streamers than ever.

Image via Twitch

Twitch is expanding upon its Ad Incentive Program, opening up the feature to more Twitch Partners and Affiliates than ever, while also increasing the cut streamers receive.

The Ad Incentive Program (AIP) is Twitch’s attempt to give streamers more consistent, pre-determined payouts and means of generating reveune. Content creators involved in the program receive offers from advertisers, requiring them to stream a specified number of hours with ad-rolls playing. After meeting the designated requirements, streamers are then able to claim their payout.

AIP provided personalized offers, ranging from 2-4 minutes of advertisements per hour for $500 to $1,000 per payout. Though met with significant positive reception, the initial waves of AIP members were kept to somewhat restrictive numbers.

In a June 14 update, Twitch announced its plan to expand the program’s access and create even more reliable revenue streams for creators. In the update, Twitch stated they intend to expand AIP to more Twitch Partners and Affiliates than ever, though Twitch did not give specifics into how many more streamers they intend to extend the offers to.

Notably, Twitch also stated they intend to move away from their previous fixed CPM structure, which gave a flat rate to creators for every 1,000 views. In order to ensure high payouts, the platform has moved to a percentage-based revenue-sharing model.

“This new model pays creators 55% of revenue for each ad that runs on their stream,” Twitch elaborated on the new model, “This change represents a 50-150% ad pay rate increase for the vast majority of Creators on Twitch.”

Twitch attached a caveat that stated new revenue models would be shaped by CPM estimates from 2021. Ad revenue will also depend on size, language, and time of year.