Twitch mod update introduces new ban system for improved community safety

Keep tabs on all of your bans.

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One of the biggest issues on any online broadcasting platform is the consistent toxicity and harassment towards streamers and their communities. Whether it’s in the chat, in direct messages, or in-game, popular broadcasters have always had to rely on strong moderation tools to keep themselves safe and to maintain a positive environment when they go live.

Luckily, Twitch developers added a new moderation feature on Sept. 14 that should help keep certain individuals under wraps while you interact with your viewers and stream on a daily basis.

After some community feedback, Twitch will allow streamers to share their channel’s moderator comments so that they can show why any users were banned. This way, other channels can be aware of any toxic community members, if they are hopping from similar channels in the same circles.

Another tool Twitch is setting up for streamers is the addition of Shield Mode into Mod View, giving streamers and their mods an immediate solution whenever they cannot completely control any active harassment in their chat.

Shield Mode can instantly activate a plethora of different settings, including Follower- or Sub-Only chat, no first-time chatter mode, required verification, and more. This setting is great for any streamer who gets hit with a sudden raid, with multiple members spewing hate speech or other undesirable content into the chat. Once Shield Mode is deactivated, all settings will be set back to normal.

Twitch has been adding multiple ways to create a safer place for content creators, especially after a recent update allowed streamers to ban someone from viewing their broadcast entirely. Even though those affected users can log out and view the stream, they must take multiple extra steps to interact in chat again.

Altogether, streaming is slowly becoming a better and safer place for content creators and their communities.

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