Twitch mistakenly bans streamer Ryan Higa during his broadcast

It isn't clear how the mistake was made.

Image via Twitch

Twitch has rectified an error in which it banned streamer Ryan Higa in the middle of his broadcast earlier today.

While playing a game of Among Us, Higa’s broadcast came to an abrupt end and he was sent an email stating that his account had been banned for “hateful conduct.”

The situation occurred while Ryan was in a lobby full of fellow content creators who were all in disbelief to hear about the ban.

After the ban was made public, content creators and viewers alike brought the issue to the attention of the platform, which reversed the ban. Higa said Twitch said in an email it had been a mistake on its end.

After this happened to one of the platform’s more well-known streamers, the community raised concerns that this same issue could occur for a smaller streamer who doesn’t have the connections or community to rally behind them to reverse the decision.